A Great Ending | Sunday Review

The days are starting to drag, and the weekend never comes soon enough. This weekend I received an unexpected work phone call, and had an amazing scene in class that made the long week seem worth it.

I have been trying to get in contact with a national organization, The Future Project, for the past month. I sent an email in early November, but didn’t get a response. I sent two more emails earlier this past week, this time shorter and with a catchy subject line, and left a voice message. Friday evening a representative called me back and made plans for follow-up communication. I was so excited that progress was being made, and this lifted my mood.

Also, this week’s improv class went well. The theme was group mindset, or being aware of the actions of group members and acting for the betterment of the group. The goal is to contribute equally as a group to achieve this. I ended class feeling really good about the last scene I did.

I had been hesitant to volunteer for a scene first, but finally I bit the bullet and moved from my seat before thinking. After an awkward check-in with my scene partner, the instructor gave us the topic of detention. We took our positions, and immediately heard”lights up”.

I initiated the scene and asked, “what are you here for?”( uh oh, questions without “gifts”/information to guide the scene put a huge burden on your partner). Luckily my partner didn’t seem to mind, and I found ways to agree and support him. Next, he asked me the same question (now the burden was on me). I responded about starting a food fight, and my partner supported me. One word, MAGIC.

Saturday was over, and I felt great about the call from The Future Project and the incredible scene my partner and I ended class with. I need more of this throughout the week.

=-) Domonique


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