Beyoncé Got Me Through

It was 4:45 p.m. and I had just over an hour to go. My assignments are piling up, and my energy was low. I spent the entire day sitting at a desk on the computer, and at that moment I was ready to call it a day.

Music would make a good distraction. First I played  “Show Me Love” by Robin S and replayed it a few times. When that got old, I played “About You” by Trey Songz a few times. It worked for a while, but got old too. Aha, Beyoncé! I started with “End of Time”, “Halo” automatically played afterward, then another song, and another and before I knew it, an hour had passed.

I ended on a good note. Research on the 5 Step Lesson Plan was nearly complete and I even had a conversation with someone from the office who suggested strategies to improve guest speaker presentations. Beyoncé got me through my last hour of service today.

=-) Domonique


School Visits | Hogwarts, The Brotherhood, Brainiac Academy, and The Art Gallery

A major part of my service site is to help students gain access to college prep high schools. Although my role has little to do with high school access, this week I visited four of the schools that my site places students. All four schools, Hogwarts, the Brotherhood, Brainiac Academy, and the Art Gallery, are unique and would be best suited for a specific type of student. Continue reading

Personality Tests

In addition to my Story of Self, I also had to complete two personality tests: the StrengthsFinder and the Personality Compass. The goal is to shed light on my personality and working styles in order to help me become an effective team member. My results of both tests are below.


Continue reading