Garlic, Onions, and Zombies Oh My | Part 2 of “The Haunted Office”

As Danielle approached the first floor kitchen, the smell of garlic and onions became stronger and stronger. At first she thought the smell came from the bucket of dirty dishes she was holding, then she realized that there was no way that horrible smell could come from the glasses and mugs of half finished water and coffee.

“Where is that smell coming from?” Danielle said to herself as she approached the kitchen. Continue reading


Ghostly Appearance | Part 1 of “The Haunted Office”


“Bless you. Are you okay Danielle? You have been sneezing like that all morning.”

“Its probably my allergies. My sister brought over her cat last night.”

“You sound horrible. I hope you feel better, and take a sick day if you need to. We have 10.” Continue reading

VISTA 50th Celebration

Earlier today all of the VISTAs in my region came together to participate in a day of service, and a ceremony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AmeriCorps VISTA.

I began my day by speaking about my experience as a VISTA at my service site. My site specific AmeriCorps Director led the presentation which gave an overview of the history of my site, a presentation by the current VISTAs at my site, and a panel of scholars who my site serves. VISTA administrative officials and speakers during the 50th celebration ceremony were our audience.

Afterward, I joined the rest of the VISTAs in my region volunteering at an urban farm. Due to the presentation, I arrived near the end of the volunteer part of the day. I was helped distribute mulch, pulled weeds, and saw chickens.

The day ended with the VISTA 50th celebration ceremony began. The AmeriCorps VISTA National and State Directors  opened and emceed the ceremony, while four people gave TEDTalk style presentations about poverty, empowering communities, and the impact of service as a VISTA.

=-) Domonique

The Truth

Professor, did I tell you I was accepted into Kalamazoo

You ask, which career it is that I wish to pursue

Oh, uh, well … when I grow up I want to be …

Honestly? the answer beats me

I’m scared through that I don’t have a clue

*Writing 201: Poetry, Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

Today the AmeriCorps members at my site had a networking and Linkedin professional development sessions. Although I enjoyed the sessions, one downfall was that I felt pressured to have a crystal clear plan (the majority of which came from myself). I want to be ok not knowing what I want to do after my year of service is over, but the truth is that I don’t and put a lot of pressure on myself to have a perfect plan.

Step 1: Get to know myself

=-) Domonique

Sick Days

“Personal, not sick”

“Physically, you seem fine”

“I guess so –cough, cough–”

* This poem was part an assignment for a WordPress poetry course I am taking, Writing 201: Poetry. My assignment was to write a poem in the format of a Haiku, include an alliteration, and be about screens in my life. My inspiration was from an interaction I had with my supervisor earlier today after she read an email I sent her.

=-) Domonique