Calling Fellow Service Blogs

I recently stumbled across a blog by Lisa, a fellow AmeriCorps VISTA. Lisa will begin serving as a Community Health Worker in August, and in the future she hopes to serve with the Peace Corps.

Check out her blog:

It was exciting to connect with another AmeriCorps VISTA, and in the near future I hope to collaborate with Lisa and other service related bloggers. If you know anyone else who is documenting their service experience via blog please let me know in the comments below. I would love to connect with them.

=-) Domonique


Why AmeriCorps?

A year ago I knew nothing about AmeriCorps, let alone that I would accept a position for after graduation. Toward the beginning of my senior year I spoke with someone about the difficulty he had finding a job post graduation, and the pressure of securing my own plans post-graduation started to set in. That conversation ended with him casually mentioning AmeriCorps as a post-graduation possibility.

Six months later, I looked up positions on the AmeriCorps website and began to seriously consider them as options. At this time, I knew very little about AmeriCorps. The little I did know included that AmeriCorps is the American version of the Peace Corps, most positions only require a year commitment, and the positions would likely involve working with low income and/or minority communities. All of these features were attractive to me. The year commitment would allow me more time to prep for graduate school, while also allowing me to connect my service experience to what I learned in undergrad as an African American Studies major. AmeriCorps seemed like the perfect medium. Finding a position that I could relate to personally, helping disadvantaged groups access higher education, was only icing on the cake.

=-) Domonique


Over the next year, I will be serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA with a non-profit that helps low income and minority students access quality education and develop into socially aware leaders. My role is to design and revise programs for this organization. As a beneficiary of several college readiness programs, I know the importance of organizations like the non-profit I will serve with, and I want to pay it forward.

This blog serves as a space to document and reflect upon my service experience. Throughout the next year I hope to share posts that will be all things service-related. These posts could range from reflecting upon the upcoming Pre-Service Orientation, exploring social issues I encounter, reflecting on living on an AmeriCorps stipend and more.

By the end of my service term I hope to be closer to choosing a career path. I recently graduated from college, and part of my motivation for joining AmeriCorps was the opportunity to apply what I learned in college to real world situations, grow professionally and explore possible career paths. I invite anyone who is interested in learning more about AmeriCorps, service or anyone else to join me on my journey of service and beyond.

=-) Domonique