Tomorrow is my first day back at my service site since our 2 week winter break. Break has been great and has allowed me time to enjoy the holidays. It has also allowed me time to reflect about my service experience thus far, and there are 2 things I want to change this year: my hours, and my luch break.

First, I want to ask to change my hours so that I arrive earlier than most employees who primarily work in the office, but leave at the same time as them. Currently, we arrive at the same time, but I leave an hour later. The change would reduce my commute time and increase my moral. The early bird get the worm.

The second thing I want to change is taking my lunch break away from my desk and preferably outside of the office suite I work in. When it was warmer I ate outside, but now it is too cold. The change of scenery made me feel like I was actually on break.

Both changes are relatively minor, but will have a significant impact on my experience. I will keep you updated.


A Different Perspective

I am…

Still uncertain…

About a career choice.

But, maybe I have already…

Found it?

Poem Form: Cinquain

Syllables: first line 2, second line 4, third line 6,  fourth line 8, fifth line 2

One my goals for during my year as an AmeriCorps VISTA is to explore career fields. Thus far I have attended local events, researched online, and spoken with professionals, but one question remains. Have I seriously considered the career field that I am currently part of? It is not too late.

Happy New Year,

=-) Domonique

Secondhand Smoke

I use public transportation to travel to and from my service. While there are many positives to traveling via public transportation such as reduced air pollution, increased physical exercise, saving money and more, there are also negatives. As you can tell from the title of this post, the main negative I have recently become concerned with is secondhand smoke.

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Public Transportation

Rushing out of the house with no time to spare

Fumbling with me earbuds as I cross the street

I pass by the gym and witness boxing lessons

On my way to where X marks the spot

I see it coming, and I rush to be seen

Butterflies in my stomach as I once again feel green

I board, and it feels like all eyes on me

As I take a seat, my butterflies are swallowed by reality

I exit thinking that the hard part of my trip is over

Just in time for the train’s arrival

I board and walk to my usual spot

Leaning against the wall, effortlessly shifting my weight so that I do not fall

Reading to pass the time as we zoom by

I overhear, “All passenger must have in their possession…”

“Next station stop…”

I exit

Stairs over the escalator, and two at a time

Sandwich shops, Starbucks

“Is that where the local football team plays?”

I walk across the magic parking lot with prices that always fluctuate

The office is near

I have arrived at my destination

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