Fundraising, Fashion Show, TEDTalks and Improv | Sunday Review

This past week was pretty busy. I attended a fundraising event for my service site, a local fashion show, a local TEDTalk event, and my last improv class of the season.


My service site hosted an event that allowed students who are part of the organization to give testimonials about their experience to an audience of potential donors. Although money was neither mentioned nor exchanged during the event, I found out that it’s purposeĀ  wasn’t to raise money, but rather to spread awareness about the organization. The goal is for audience members to donate money without being prompted.

Fashion Show

I attended a fashion show/competition that was part of my city’s fashion week. It featured the collections of 5 designers, and a monetary prize for the best collection. This was a new experience for me. If I had to give myself advice for the future, I would buy standing room only rather than fourth row tickets.

TEDTalk Event

Yesterday, I went to a day long event organized by my region’s local branch of TED (TEDTalks). I learned that TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and was created to bring together people from these fields to share ideas. The speakers began at 10am and lasted until 4:30pm. There were 17 speakers total who included urban designers, food scientists, local artist, musicians, the creator of an App, and more. It was inspiring to listen to their talks, and below I summarize their biggest take-a-ways.

Urban Designer– It is important to be an active participant of your city and create the city you want to live in.

Food Scientist/The Amazing Race Winner– The most rewarding moments in life (its “highs”) involve receiving and giving support.

Baby Boomer Product Designer– Our society undervalues older generations and the outdated products created for this group, such as walkers, should be redesigned to allow aging populations to age with dignity.

Artist– Carins, or man-made landmarks, are creative ways to physically show the importance of water.

Public Health Psychologist– Individual effort is necessary, but not sufficient in cultivate people, especially people from underserved populations, into reaching their fullest potential. Outside support in addition to individual effort is needed.

Javier Mendoza– An amazing singer and guitarist who used a looping technique to connect with the audience. While playing his guitar, he used a machine allowed him to manipulate his music to sound like an entire band.

Artist Battling Ignorance– Consistency is the key to success, and he used art to create a social movement to honor, inspire, and demonstrate hope around the issue of fatherhood in the Black community.

Listo– Identify a problem, and do something about it. The creator implemented his idea to allow people to watch TV in different languages.

The Love Doctor– Arranged marriages im the United States, experts intentionally pairing individuals for marriage based on common values and needs, can be a viable option for people who are not doing well in the conventional dating world.

Dr. Fix It– It is possible to retrain your brain to regain functions lost due to brain damage using the Ipsihand.

Hip Hip Dancer– Turned his passion for dance into a way to give back to the community.

Women’s Rights Activist– Anti-gender violence initiatives are responding to the problem rather than stopping the root cause of the problem. We should find ways to get to violence before it happens.

Creative Designer– He used unconventional materials such as chocolate, thread, sugar, clouds, the earth… to create beautiful pictures. Illusions measure a person’s abilities of belief.

Plant Biologist– Seeing the opportunity in plants to solve problems related to recycling, and compacting harmful minerals.

Fire Survivor– Get rid of the masks and see a positive perspective of the scars we try to hide.


The past six weeks I have been taking an improv classes, and today was the final day of class. We spent the majority of the class sessions playing games that involved using our imagination on stage to create short skits on the spot.

The organization that hosts the classes prides itself on creating small families within the classes, and I witnessed this today. Improv is about being vulnerable in front of and with a group of people. We go on stage not knowing exactly what we will do, but trusting that we will work together to create magic. The practice of improv was definitely outside of my element, but I enjoyed the classes and community. Needless to say, I signed up to take the next level class.

I hope you have a great week.

=-) Domonique


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