Public Transportation

Rushing out of the house with no time to spare

Fumbling with me earbuds as I cross the street

I pass by the gym and witness boxing lessons

On my way to where X marks the spot

I see it coming, and I rush to be seen

Butterflies in my stomach as I once again feel green

I board, and it feels like all eyes on me

As I take a seat, my butterflies are swallowed by reality

I exit thinking that the hard part of my trip is over

Just in time for the train’s arrival

I board and walk to my usual spot

Leaning against the wall, effortlessly shifting my weight so that I do not fall

Reading to pass the time as we zoom by

I overhear, “All passenger must have in their possession…”

“Next station stop…”

I exit

Stairs over the escalator, and two at a time

Sandwich shops, Starbucks

“Is that where the local football team plays?”

I walk across the magic parking lot with prices that always fluctuate

The office is near

I have arrived at my destination

I decided to revisit one of the poetry assignments from Writing 201 that I never got around to complete: “Map, Ode, Metaphor”. This poem describes my daily trip traveling to my service site.


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