Homebound | Conclusion of “The Haunted Office”

As Danielle made her way from the kitchen back to the office, she decided to make a pit-stop in the bathroom. With only 10 minutes left, she decided to focus on preparing to leave.

“Yesterday, I didn’t go the bathroom before I left, which was a huge mistake. During my hour plus commute home, my bladder felt like it would burst at any moment, and there was no place for me to use the bathroom. I have to try to go now” Danielle thought to herself.

As she neared the bathroom, Danielle heard faint sounds.

“Here we go again. I’ve had enough surprises for one night.”

Danielle hurried into the bathroom. She wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible.

It took a moment for the sensory lights to come once when she entered the bathroom, and as usual she entered the only stall with the door that stayed open.

After a few moments she heard another noise. This time it sounded like a muffled animal sound. Then she thought she saw a small black shadow quickly move along the floor outside of the stall. She rubbed her eyes and looked for the shadow again, but didn’t see anything this time.

Danielle was hesitant to exit the stall, and used her remaining 5 minutes as motivation to do so. As she washed her hands, she glanced into the mirror,but quickly turned her attention back to the her hands.

After a moment she questioned, “were those green eyes that I saw in the back corner?”

She looked into the mirror again, and even physically turned her head toward that direction, but saw nothing.

“That’s it, I’m out of here”.

Danielle hurriedly rinsed off her hands and without grabbing a paper towel rushed out of the bathroom.

She walked into the office, past the mouse and spilled milk toward her desk. Her Chromebook was back to its normal screen, so she turned it off, and wrapped up the charger. She packed her backpack, and organized her desk space.

After putting on her jacket, she glanced at her watch. “Three minutes left. Close enough, I’m out of here.” Danielle told herself as she left the office.

She walked through the empty lobby, and toward the parking garage. As usual, she saw the security guard standing near the garage’s entrance. Danielle politely waved, and began to walk her usual route to the train station. She didn’t notice that a house staff worker of the building she worked in was walking in the opposite direction. They collided, and she apologized.

“I’m sorry. I guess that I am excited to get home because it has been a long and strange day.” Danielle said.

“We have all been there. Have a good evening.” he told Danielle.

“You too” she replied.

She continued walking, but as she looked to cross the street she noticed that the security guard was no longer standing in the parking garage. In fact, he was nowhere in sight. Oddly, she saw a black cat walking from the garage. The cat felt Danielle’s gaze upon it, and make eye contact with her. Danielle thought the its eyes were familiar, but refocused her attention on getting home and continued walking.


*I hope you all had a great Halloween.

=-) Domonique


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