Garlic, Onions, and Zombies Oh My | Part 2 of “The Haunted Office”

As Danielle approached the first floor kitchen, the smell of garlic and onions became stronger and stronger. At first she thought the smell came from the bucket of dirty dishes she was holding, then she realized that there was no way that horrible smell could come from the glasses and mugs of half finished water and coffee.

“Where is that smell coming from?” Danielle said to herself as she approached the kitchen.

She hesitated before entering. The kitchen lights were usually kept off, even during the day time, so it was expected that they would be turned off now. The problem was that she would have to enter a dark room after the strange incident that happened only moments ago. She didn’t want to encounter any more surprises.

Pushing the memories of the ghost-like figure, fuzzy computer screen, and dead mouse to the back of her mind, Danielle nearly ran into the kitchen. The glasses she carried made such a loud clattering noise that she thought they shattered.

She quickly turned on the lights, looked around, and breathedĀ  a sigh of relief. “Whew, all clear”.

Then she noticed that the smell of garlic and onions was stronger than ever.

“Maybe someone knows that this office is haunted, and is trying to ward off vampires and evil spirits with the smell” Danielle thought jokingly.

Just as she loaded the last glass in the dishwasher, Danielle hear a noise that made her freeze with fear. The door to the “sleeping room” slowly began to open.

The sleeping room is accessible only through the kitchen, and is usually kept dark. It has over-sized and comfortable seating with blankets; all for obvious reasons.

Danielle was new to the professional world, but thought that it was odd for an office to not only have a room dedicated to sleeping, but witness employees use the room for this purpose. Maybe a zombie disguised as a sleeping employee was awaking to carryout its plan of attack.

With her eyes fixed on the door, Danielle saw the shadow of a gigantic figure appear. It reminded her of Haggard from Harry Potter. The smell of garlic and onions was unbearable.

When the figure came into the light, she saw a person wearing business casual attire, and disheveled hair appeared.

With her sleeve over her nose, Danielle said to the disguised zombie- I mean employee, “oh, you scared me”.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. You woke me up from a nap; I overslept” he said.

“Its ok, just be careful. Strange things are happening this evening.” Danielle told the uhh employee, I guess.

“Oh really, I wish I could talk more, but I have to run. Maybe I will see you tomorrow” he said as he rushed out of the kitchen.

“Only if you don’t carry out your evil zombie plan first” Danielle mumbled under her breath as she finished loading the dish washer. She had to keep herself entertained somehow. Danielle then opened the door to the lower cabinet with distinct vertical scratches. Retrieving the dish washing detergent, she questioned, “had those scratches always been there?”

She finished loading the dish washer and began walking toward the door. She hesitated before turning the lights off and looked toward the “sleeping room”. “Had the smell of onions and garlic disappeared, or had she gotten used to it?” It was strange, but not as strange as a “sleeping room” in an office.

Danielle glanced at her watch. “Only 10 more minutes”. I’m almost out of here.


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