Ghostly Appearance | Part 1 of “The Haunted Office”


“Bless you. Are you okay Danielle? You have been sneezing like that all morning.”

“Its probably my allergies. My sister brought over her cat last night.”

“You sound horrible. I hope you feel better, and take a sick day if you need to. We have 10.”

“I might do that. In the meantime, I have to make it through this last hour. This time of the day is the worst. Everyone is leaving, and its lonely being the only one in this space. It seems like the security guard is the only other person here at this time.”

“Look on the bright side. You get the office all to yourself. See you tomorrow. No, I take that back. I hope you stay home and get some rest. Bye”

It was 5pm, and although most people in the office were going home, Danielle still had one more hour until her 9 hour day was over. What would she do to keep up her motivation, and make her last hour a productive hour? Listen to Rihanna. Time always seemed to fly by when listening to a nonstop playlist of her songs.

“Come mister DJ song pon de replay. Come mister DJ won’t you turn the music up.”


“That annoying fly has been buzzing around this office for the past month. When is it going to either escape or die?”

The fly landed on the silver divider separating Danielle’s work space from the space across from her. Danielle noticed that the fly sat in the same place for a while, then she turned her attention back to Rihanna and taking notes on the 5 Step Lesson Plan.

“One by one, even two by …”

All of a sudden, the lights went out. The screen on Danielle’s Chromebook began to break up. It no longer showed the 5 Step Lesson Plan document, but rather a fuzzy image with sound wave like patterns on the screen.

After sitting completely still for a few moments, Danielle built up the courage to attempt turning on the light switch.

“Hmmm, that was odd.” Danielle thought to herself.

“Maybe someone turned off the lights by accident. I had my headphone in, and the music probably canceled out the noise of someone moving around in the office.”

Danielle, hesitantly began to make her way toward the light switch. As she approached the corner, she noticed an odd white glow from that became brighter and brighter. It looked like a cross between white smoke and a bright white light. She hesitated, then facing her fear turned the corner quickly.


It appeared to be a ghost hovering near the water cooler jug that sat feet away from both the light switch and kitchenette.

Before she had time to notice that the ghost had the same eyes as the fly that landed on her desk, Danielle quickly took her eyes off of the area where the ghost appeared, and turned off the light switch. When she gained the confidence to look in the direction of the water cooler again, but the figure was gone.

Oddly, the office refrigerator was slightly open with a a puddle of milk spilled on the floor and a dead mouse nearby.

She was new to the office, and certainly didn’t know what to do about a mysterious ghost that tried to attack her or a dead mouse. Danielle looked toward the front desk where the security guard usually sits, in hopes of finding someone to support her. He wasn’t there.

“The security guard is probably in the parking garage.”

After this, Danielle needed a break from the office. She decided to take the dirty dishes to the first floor kitchen and load them into the dishwasher. That would certainly kill some time and get her away from the dead mouse.

“Only 30 minutes until I am out of this place.”


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