Week One | Sunday Review

The organization I am serving with is merging with a larger organization. As a result, my time this past week was spent on-boarding, or learning about this larger organization, and how we will work together to become one team.

On-boarding had both positives and negatives. A positive is that I am grateful that is larger organization took the time out to explain their many components to us. From presentations by the finance department, to safety training, to learning about its programs, I was able to gain valuable first-hand experience of not only a non-profit, but the many components of a business. A negative is that I have not yet learned about my specific role. I was told that I will learn about my role during the upcoming weeks. Patience…

General things that I learned this week:

  • I will spend 9 hours per day Monday-Friday, and possibly an additional 4 hours on select Saturdays, at my site.
  • Programs at my site are divided by middle school and high school.
    • I will focus on middle school programs.
  • The Cycle of Achievement- Vision, Goals, Game Plan, Work, Reflect and Seek Counsel (repeat)
    • This cycle is based on the idea that it is most important to consider the end result first (vision) before setting goals and creating a plan. This cycle is important to the organization I am serving with.
  • It is important to acknowledge both the painful truth and a realistic hope during the process of growth.
    • Truth without hope = failure
    • Hope without truth = fantasy
      • Hope in its most complete sense offers material resources, a means of solidarity, and faces pain in order to grow.
  • I am a horrible hatchet thrower (steer clear of me). Also, I am afraid of snakes, but porcupines are ok.

Lesson of the week: raw and honest answers are not a given, they are the result of having the courage to ask raw and honest questions; I have to earn them.

=-) Domonique


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