Activities I Can and Cannot Engage in as an AmeriCorps VISTA

The focus of AmeriCorps VISTA is to strengthen communities and end poverty by expanding the reach of anti-poverty programs. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that AmeriCorps VISTA members are never seen as taking sides, and are fully committed to their service assignments. As a result, there are certain activities that I, as an AmeriCorps VISTA, can and cannot engage in.

Education– I can take college courses as long as I have the approval of my supervisor.

Outside Employment-I can have a legal part time job as long as it does not interfere with service and is approved by my supervisor.

Religious Activity-I can participate in religious services while off-duty/perceived to be off-duty, but I cannot promote, evangelize or recruit for religions while identified as a VISTA, nor lead my co-workers in prayer.

Political Activity-I can remain politically active, organize political activities, and distribute political literature while I am off-duty/perceived to be off-duty.

I cannot associate AmeriCorps or my service site with any political party, candidate and/or solicitation.

I cannot run for partisan elected office, show partisanship or work to direct resources, influence elections or legislation, engage in voter registration, nor provide voter transportation to polls.

I cannot use my service site’s resources, computer, workspace and/or bandwidth to create or send political social media posts and emails, nor engage in partisan political activity from our service sites.

I cannot “like”, “share” or “re-tweet” a link to a political fundraiser, nor create an online alias to solicit political contributions.

Social Media– On my personal social media accounts, I can post my VISTA position, title and political party affiliation, “like”, “friend” or “follow” the social media account of a political party, and post fundraising solicitations for non-political causes.

It is important that I remain fully committed to my service site and maintain an impartial political stance as it pertains to my VISTA position. I can hold my over views, but I have to separate those views from my role as an AmeriCorps VISTA.

=-) Domonique


2 thoughts on “Activities I Can and Cannot Engage in as an AmeriCorps VISTA

  1. these restrictions sound a lot like corporate policies (especially the political and social media restrictions). I look forward to hearing about your journey!


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